martes, 21 de junio de 2011

I wanna be a billionaire.

this video it's about want have a lot of money, becuase he or she wants buy everything never had, he or she wanna be a famous persona, visit all the world ...Visit a different city every night.

he or she just want Be a billionaire. your dreams is meet a famous person,like brad pitt and angelina jolie.

he or she wants to do it everything is doing the billionaire people.

Juan Armas
Never Say Never!

Price tag

this video it's about the money, this video said the money it's important but not is the most important in the life. She said " Its not about the money".

She wants Dance , The dance of the world.

The don't have a price. She doesn't know : ¿ why everybody is Serious?...

Everybody looks to differents places.

They should living the life. And nobody can put price to their life.

Never Say Never.

poem for my dad!

happy, crazy,friendly and FATHER
father of oscar, leo, juan (me) and jesus.
he loves his job and his family
he is afraid of crime and rats
he wants see grow his family and he wants being happy for all the life.
He is my father:D

I love you Dad.

Juan Armas 
Never say Never.
I get up at 6 am and i go to take a shower and brush my theeths, after that i go to the kitchen and i have a breakfast at 6:45 am then i go to the university (URBE) at 7:00 am from 11:00am  after that i go to my house.

I arrived at home at 11:30 then i have  a lunch with my family after that is Nap's time at 2:30 pm. I wake up at 5:30 pm and i take a shower again because i go to my english class at cevaz at 6:00 pm . 

Then i have a dinner at 8:00 pm maybe can be a sandwich or cereal .after that i do it my homework or i wath tv. Finally i go to my bed and is Sleep's Time.

Never Say Never!

martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

she's the most important of my life


she has my heart, she has my life.... 
happy, friendly, loving and mother 
mother of Oscar, leo , Juan and jesus.
she loves her family and her friends 
is afraid of  crime and dogs
 she wants being happy for all the life and see grow her family
I LOVE YOU on all the languages, on all the forms
you're resident of my heart're resident of my life.
My mom ...she's the most important ...she's the best mom of the world, i'm happiest because  I have THE BEST MOM!
 Happy mother's Day!
I Love You mom...You're my life...

lunes, 9 de mayo de 2011

Welcome To my life...

Welcome to My Blog

I'm Juan... Juan Armas.... I'm 17 years old, I'm student law at urbe and english at cevaz I'm in level 8 ,I have a big family , i have  three brothers.

I like music but i don't like reggaeton , I love Junkfood pizza ,hamburgers ,hot dog....and other.

I love Mc donalds...
I HATE Japanes food i don't like... 

In my free time I see movie, And sleep... I LOVE SLEEP.

I want travel to Italy because I like all the things of italy, but also i want to travel to the U.S because i want visit Disney.

I wanna be  the best Lawyer of the country it's my dreams...

my opinion about english ...For me now english it's the most important because the factories need  people can talk english...For me it's very important..


never say never.. :D